Hi my name is Paul and i'm 54, I do stuff for kids with pencils.
Hand drawn personalized birthday cards, name plaques, invites, bookmarkers and a3 size posters

A4 size name plaques are laminated. 

items used, pencils, crayola pencils, pilot v5 and v7 pens, winsor and newton Bristol board. and colour card.

Everything is done with my hands, no computer involved. Every item created is a one off and unique.

All I need is a childs name and for birthday cards the age you require.

birthday cards are 4.99 each with p&p included.

name plaques are 9.99 with p&p included.

a set of 10 invites is 9.99 p&p included, extra invites are 50p each.

bookmarkers are 1.50, laminated, p&p included.

Payment is made via paypal.

A3 size posters 9.99 each 5.99 postage and packing.

Personalized with a child's name and age if required. These a3 size posters take 5 to 6 hours to produce. 

A3 size poster. Or so I thought...

This took a total of 10 hours to produce.

4 Cards.

This is what I did with the a3 size poster. I just made poster into 4 cards and sold them as a set of 4 cards. How much? £10 with 3.99 postage and packing.

This Is the set of 4 cards from start to finish.

Contact me with questions.

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